US129: Sulphuric Acid Building

Corrosion Mitigation and Lining

Client: Petrochemical Plant

Application Date: December 2021

Scope of work

Client requested a corrosion assessment on a 2-year-old, 4-story building that houses a sulphuric acid generator on a petrochemical plant. Due to incorrect material selection, the process piping leaked acid throughout the building causing significant deterioration to the galvanized structure and concrete on grade. The concrete was previously lined with a competitor’s concrete coating designed for short-term exposure in secondary containments. Beneath the leaking areas and around the concrete were pitted with depths up to 4 inches deep. 

Coating System

– Surface prepared using wet abrasive blast unit
combined with utilization of salt remover, followed by high pH cleaning agent to alkalized the surface.

– Concrete pH tested to ensure compliance to own standards.

– Plasmet ECP applied at 6-10 mils wft.

– Pits on surface filled with Corrocoat Zip E screed.

– Once screed sufficiently hardened, Plasmet AR3 applied at 48-60 mils dft (1200-1500) in two to three coats, mixing in an aggregate for non-skid in high traffic areas.

– Galvanized steel – Surface prepared with mixture of pressure washing and power tools. Primed with Plasmet ZF. Nuts and bolts stripe coated using Corrofill E. Structure then coated using AR3, applied at 32-40 mils dft.