Al Sabaiea National Contracting and general Trading Company, our Kuwaiti partner, has an excellent reputation for providing a quality service as these examples show

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Al Sabaiea engineers were called to an emergency at the Kharafi National Power Station. A fibreglass pipe had suffered a major leak where the collar meets the flange section and required immediate repair in order to keep the power station running. After stemming the flow, hand and power tools were employed to remove a previous repair and prepare the pipe for remedial work.

L600 was used to wet out fibreglass strips to repair and reinforce the area where the leak had occurred. Once cured, Polyglass 100 was applied to internal and external surfaces to further reinforce the composite structural repair.

The job was completed in just one day and the facility was back up and running less than 24 hours after the leak first occurred. The customer was extremely pleased with the work and was particularly delighted that it had been completed with such skill and speed.


Al Sabaiea successfully quoted for a contract for the Drilling and Oil Well Maintenance Company to refurbish and corrosion protect the internal surface of a 10,000 litre potable water tanker.

The internal surface of the tank was abrasive blast cleaned to Sa2½ to provide a surface profile of 50μm before Corrofill was applied to areas where pitting was revealed and then Polyglass 100 was applied by airless spray. The contract was completed by a four-man team in just six days and the tanker delivered back to the customer who provided excellent feedback on a job well done, to budget and on time.