Corrocoat Caspian triumphs Over Distance And the Weather

Jul 21, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mangystaumunaigaz is one of the largest of kazakhstan’s oil and gas production enterprises operating in the kalamkas and Zhetybai oilfields and responsible for 8% of the country’s production.

Corrocoat Caspian won a tender to corrosion protect two oil tanks, one in each oilfield – a combined internal surface area of 900m2. Each had to be prepared by abrasive blast cleaning to provide the correct surface profile for airless spray application of Polyglass VEF to a dry film thickness of 1000μm.

The Corrocoat Caspian team travelled to Western Kazakhstan from Almaty (where its facility is located), a distance of over 2,700km, working first at the Kalamkas oilfield before moving to the Zhetybai oilfield 400km away. Both jobs had to be completed in one month and one of the critical issues was the cold weather (temperatures falling to -20°C at night) as well as the strong winds experienced at that time of year.

Polyglass VEF proved the ideal choice in such cold conditions as it has been successfully applied in the past at daytime temperatures of -15°C