Corrocoat SA Blaze a Trail in Corrosion Protection

Jul 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Corrocoat sA worked with a steel fabricator who was supplying 1300 carbon steel pipes – ranging in size from Dn150 to Dn600 and up to 9m in length – to south Africa’s national Ports operator in Cape town. the pipes were to be part of a seawater firefighting system at a flammable tanker basin. the firefighting systems must be available for immediate use at all times while a tanker is docked to offload crude or load refined product.

A very high level of corrosion protection and maintenance-free service life was therefore specified by the designers. Corrocoat SA proposed using the Polyglass coating system to protect against seawater immersion and C5M atmospheric corrosion, for a maintenance cycle of 20 years.

The scope of work involved: lining internals with Polyglass VE, VEPG & VEHA to nominal dft of 1000μm; coating externals with Polyglass Zipcoat to nominal dft of 500μm. and bolt holes with Polyglass VEPG.

Corrocoat SA was able to show case histories of its linings being successfully used in seawater pipes worldwide – pipework still in operation after 30 years’ service. This was key to obtaining this contract. The ability of Polyglass to
withstand the high temperatures associated with a pipe engulfed in flames, and the commensurate risk of lining disbondment blocking the pipe were also major factors. Corrocoat’s ability to supply and install the Polyglass coating system, using the Agmec internal pipe spraying technique on all pipe sizes, and to manage the project from start to finish was also a vital factor that secured the contract.