Corrocoat sel

Jul 17, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Corrocoat SEL is a spray applied epoxy glassflake lining, intended for single or multi-coat application, that provides durable chemical protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and immersed environments.

Corrocoat SEL has a smooth finish and can withstand immersed temperature levels up to 90°C in oil, and non-immersed levels up to 100°C. It displays excellent resistance to discolouration that can occur on exposure to strong concentrations of acid. SEL has excellent application characteristics and edge coverage in single coats and is predominately applied by airless spray for speed and ease of application. A brush can also be used for modest areas as dictated by a particular project or on-site conditions.

An ideal choice in the protection of new and existing storage tanks and vessels in testing service environments including hydrocarbon service, Corrocoat SEL can also be used on structural steel, bridges, pilings decks, externals of process vessels/pipelines, jetties, ships hulls and other marine environments.