Corrocoat USA design durable jet nozzles for a hydro-excavator

Jul 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Leading supplier of cement, ready mix concrete, mortars, screeds and aggregates, Cemex approached Corrocoat uSA to design a more durable nozzle than the urethane version presently used to pump silty water.

The current nozzles show wear after just two weeks and ultimately fail in as little as four months. The time required to replace a nozzle and excessive fuel consumption meant that Cemex had a strong financial incentive to find a superior solution.

Corrocoat USA made a cast of a new urethane nozzle from wax, which was then duplicated in aluminum as a mold. The nozzles were constructed from 4” pipe flanges and schedule 40 piping. The form was then mounted to a board and both coated in a release agent prior to bolting the flange to the board for application.

Plasmet HTE was applied to the internals in eight applications to keep the temperature below 150°F during curing. After further machining the outside of the nozzle was coated with two layers of Plasmet ZF and delivered to the client at a price comparable to previous urethane units.

The new nozzles have been in use for nine months and have maintained an excellent spray pattern. The next replacement nozzles are expected to have an even longer service life due to the welded steel cap providing mechanical reinforcement.