CorrocoAt ZIP e Beats off the CompetItIon

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the coast of India is home to a number of large petrochemical and power industries. Kirloskar Corrocoat Private limited has a proven and reliable track record in internal and external pipe coating to protect against the saline atmosphere
found at the coast and against soil corrosion of underground pipelines.

In an expansion project, one of India’s leading crude refining and petro chemical companies required corrosion protection for stainless steel pipes which were to be buried in the coastal belt in chemically aggressive soils. The pipes would require a proven coating to protect them and extend their service life in these testing environments. KCPL’s pre-tendering efforts successfully replaced technologies such as 3LPE etc. Corrocoat Zip E – a glass flake was specified to protect the pipes.

The overall pipe installation project was awarded to a contractor (LSTK) with whom KCPL had an agreement to coat the pipes with Corrocoat ZIP E at 1000µm- the specified DFT. For organisational efficiency KCPL technicians carried out the coating works at the pipe manufacturer’s premises.

KCPL secured this order despite stiff competition from other international paint manufacturers, as customers continue to be impressed with the company’s long and proven track record and coating expertise.