Corrosion & Abrasion ProtectIon for slag silo DiviDing Cones using rezorect

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the dividing cones inside a slag residue silo, manufactured from hardox 500 steel, were subject to a constant abrasive environment. the client required a solution that would prolong the overall expected service life of the steel cone structures by applying a protective, abrasion-resistant coating over the steel structure.

Corrotech recommended using a trowel applied abrasion-resistant compound – Rezorect 125 Ceramic Wearing Compound, from the Rezorect family of engineering emergency repair products. Rezorect 125 was specially developed to protect against entrained particulate abrasion and wearing surface abrasion.

The surface of the cones was abrasive blast cleaned to ISO8501-1 Sa 2½ to achieve the required cleanliness level and a Soluble Salts Attendance Test (Bresle Method) was conducted before priming with Rezorect 198.

Corrofill E was applied by hand to smooth all welded areas and irregularities, and a lamination layer applied to critical areas using Epoxy Laminating Resin and multiaxial glass fibre cloth 600g/m2.

Rezorect 125 was then applied, again by hand, in two layers to a desired thickness of 8mm, and following a suitable curing period, DFT and holiday detection tests were completed to ensure the quality of the work completed.

The slag silo dividing cones were then ready for recommissioning, ensuring the coal power plant was fully protected against abrasion.