Corrosion Surveys: Who best to conduct: Consultants, Manufacturer’s Reps or Contractors?

Jun 21, 2021 | External Coating / Painting, Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are many companies whom an asset owner might approach in order to ascertain the condition of the plant or a part of the plant with respect to existing corrosion issues and be provided with a detailed report of the findings.

In many cases, such a Corrosion Survey report includes the methodology the inspector or corrosion engineer used to determine the underlying root cause of corrosion in a vast array of service conditions.

When faced with a tough, valuable and / or novel corrosion problem a plant or asset owners must make a seemingly simple decision:

  1. Call on a coatings supplier to send out a representative to evaluate the problem and write a specification, then solicit a bid for the work based on that specification.
  2. Request advice and pricing from the coating contractor whom he trusts the most; solicit a budget price and scope of work along with the coating specification.
  3. Hire a third party consultant to perform analysis and write an expensive report.

At the end of the day, the dilemma is summarized by the valuation of trust one has with the suppliers whom have something to gain for the advise they give versus the additional cost and time associated with a third party consultant.

In the case of the third party consultant whom may perform a corrosion survey, the report writer will support his or her hypothesis with reputable references and then provide a generic solution to solve the problem.  Generally, weeks after discovery of the corrosion phenomenon, the owner is presented with a written report on the findings of the corrosion expert, neatly bound with 20+ color print pages inclusive of pictures, analysis, graphs, drawings for proposed design changes and coating specifications.  In the case of Corrosion Consultant services, such a service is available for approximately $15,000 and with a 4 week lead time – to write a report.

Coating contractors are usually a good source for practical advise based on experience.  Also valuable, coating contractors can provide a price that they can honor, as they are the ones actually executing the solution.

Relative to contractors, many coating supplier representatives have much more technical training and so can offer a solution that may be more attuned to the problem, using science and conjecture rather than experience.

In addition to being a supplier and/or contractor, Corrocoat USA also provides Corrosion Surveys and an accompanying report. We are supported by local NACE 1, 2 and 3 certified inspectors, chartered chemists and have over 40 years’ experience tackling the toughest, most aggressive corrosion problems in the world.

Where coatings are not the answer to corrosion problems, we recognize that metallurgical, Cathodic Protection and design changes to suit the problems that many owners face; in this case, we would also recommend these solutions in lieu of or in compliment to protective coatings.

Where coatings are the answer, we have probably dealt with that problem before in some similar plant in some part of the world.  If the problem is new to us and we find it commercially viable to do so, our R&D team welcomes the challenge to create new coatings systems to suit the needs of the customer.

In addition to specification and manufacture of our high performance protective coatings, we can also apply protective coatings with our own crews and/or as a part of a team involving with local or resident professional coating contractors.  This allows us to offer both insight into the causality of the corrosion problem that an owner may be experiencing, and to provide a specification and budget that we will stand behind as a single source provider.

In some cases, the Corrosion Survey is a tool to assess the condition of a plant or pieces of the plant so as to make decisions on how best to invest in the plant and its’ many valuable assets.  Sometimes the Corrosion Survey reports’ value is intrinsic in that it provides due diligence for the owner and its stakeholders and the answer to corrosion problems is to do nothing different.

In this case, we would charge the owner for our time in accordance to pre-agreed terms of service.  In the case where the survey results in a project that can be solved by Corrocoat, we would deduct the cost of completing that work from our solution proposal and the owner will have gained the value of the effort and quick and reliable response to an urgent need.

When faced with the dilemma of choosing between consultants, contractors and suppliers, why not choose a company that can serve all three functions and stand behind our work.  We provide detailed surveys with real integrity in that Corrocoat will warranty the specification, coating manufacture and supply of the turnkey service to solve your project; all in a fraction of the time relative to the more traditional approach and, in many cases, a fraction of the total cost.

If you have the need for a Corrosion Survey to be executed at your facility, click here to email us an inquiry or call us at 904-268-4000.