Everything’s ship-shape at Corrocoat hellas

Jul 17, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A bronze main engine sea water pump was considered as fit only for scrap. the shipping company was ready to replace it with a new pump until they contacted Corrocoat hellas. messages were exchanged between the company and the ship’s Chief engineer who forwarded images from the vessel to see if a repair was possible. Corrocoat hellas was able to inform him that this kind of work is a routine job for them. he was told that he could send the pump to their workshop for a full inspection and evaluation of the repair work required.

After a full and detailed inspection, Corrocoat Hellas confirmed to the client that the casing, despite severe damage, could be repaired and that the pump needed a full programme of overhaul and repair. It was stripped, blast cleaned and refurbished using Corroglass 600 series and finally post machined. Corrocoat Hellas also fabricated a new stainless steel shaft, bronze wear rings and replaced mechanical seal and O-rings. After assembly the pump was pressure tested. The client was so satisfied with the quality of the work and that it was done at a fraction of replacement cost, that further work on pumps from other vessels in their fleet has since been forthcoming.