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In line with a tradition that stretches back decades, the staff at Corrocoat head office in leeds all got together on the last day before the Christmas break, for the annual grand auction.

Each year a number of suppliers and contacts are kind enough to acknowledge with seasonal gifts their appreciation of the relationship with Corrocoat. It was decided many years ago that these gifts would be collected together and auctioned on the last day of business to the whole company. So, after a buffet lunch, laid on by the company, the whole team gathered in the engineering workshop for the main event, hosted, as ever, by our CEO, Charles Watkinson. Bidding this year got off to a lively start and really started to peak when a number of
sumptuous Christmas hampers were offered for sale.

All profits from the auction are presented to a Leeds homeless charity called St Georges Crypt who focus on accommodation, training and mentoring to transform the lives of homeless people around the city. This year a grand total of £1,000 ($1,300 US Dollars) was raised (including a generous company contribution) and was donated to St Georges as a gesture of Corrocoat’s continued support for this worthy local cause.