Kirloskar Corrocoat Has a Sweet Tooth

Jul 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

kirloskar Corrocoat (kCPL) has a long history of working in the Indian sugar industry and has built a reputation as a trusted and experienced partner. this long experience was partly responsible for kCPL being asked to refurbish 15 sulphated juice pumps used in the sugar cane juice clarification process.

The pumps were blast cleaned to prepare the surface before Plasmet HTE was applied to an average dft of 2500μm to provide erosion and abrasion protection. The pumps have now been reinstalled and KCPL is confident that their service life will be extended by 3-4 years due to the protection provided by the Plasmet HTE coating. The customer was extremely satisfied by the work and with the savings achieved when compared to the cost of investing in new pumps.

Elsewhere in West India, KCPL has completed an on-site programme of work to combat corrosion that was evident on the internals of a molasses storage tank. The recommendation was that the internals be blasted to Sa 2½ before Plasmet ZE applied in multiple coats to a dft of 350µm. In total the internal area of the tank coated was 1350m2