Loading Bay Protected from Chemical Attack

Jul 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Corroserve was invited by a UK power station to inspect a loading bay floor that was experiencing attack due to its aggressive chemical environment. The concrete surface had been badly damaged and required repair and protection from further attack – a level of protection not achievable with standard concrete materials. A Corroserve NACE inspector recommended a complete refurbishment programme involving the application of specialist materials and Corrocoat coatings.

The recommendation was accepted and Corroserve’s site services team first removed all existing coatings with a scarifier leaving a surface ready for re-coating. Loose material, surface laitance and weak frangible material were cleaned away and the area vacuum cleaned to ensure a dust-free surface.

The concrete surface was sealed using WCP to ensure no moisture could penetrate the new coating system from below and Corrofill VE was used to fill holes and cracks to ensure an even surface for the final coating. The full floor area was then laminated using multi-axial glass fabric thoroughly wetted with L600 laminate resin to provide structural strength. The glass fabric was rollered into place to ensure full adhesion and to remove any trapped air. Two coats of Polyglass VEF were then applied by airless spray to achieve a total WFT of 1250μm, quartz aggregate was incorporated into the second coat to give an anti-slip finish.

Following minimum disruption, the loading bay was quickly back in service, fully refurbished and chemically protected.