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Our Belarus operation – Corrocoat AKZ – was asked to offer a solution for the long term corrosion protection on the internals of a 36% HCL railway transportation tank that was suffering severe corrosion damage.

The customer initially used a rubber lining system, but this was proving to have a very short life span. After just six months it was degrading and showing signs of breaking down – the customer expected a rubber lined tank to last just one year before re-coating. With such a frequent re-coating schedule and associated costs a long-term solution that would significantly reduce down time was required.

On inspection, the internals were found to be suffering from severe pitting corrosion, so Corrocoat AKZ carried out a programme of work as follows:

• A thorough clean with an alkaline wash followed by abrasive blast cleaning to a surface profile of 50μm. All corrosion pits filled with Corroglass 602 and laminating cloth applied to welds and junctions to add further protection.
• Two coats of Polyglass VEF at total dft of 1200μm. This the ideal choice as the coating offers superior corrosion and chemical resistance in immersed environments.
• A final top coat of Polyglass VE Veilcoat at 300μm for a high-gloss protective finish.

As the job was carried out in winter when the ambient temperature was below zero, Corrocoat AKZ had to install a tarpaulin shelter over the truck and keep the temperature at 15°C above zero minimum – no small task in itself.

One year on, the tank internals are still in an excellent condition. Feedback has been very positive and Corrocoat AKZ now expect orders to repair and re-coat more 36% HCL railway tanks.