long term Protection for seawater Pump Discharge head

Jul 17, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Uni-Arab engineering and oilfield services in the united Arab emirates were approached by a contractor, Pilco, on behalf of their client Adnoc offshore, to internally line a seawater booster pump discharge head. the newly fabricated discharge head would be subject to constant corrosive seawater service and the client wanted to ensure it was fully protected in order to extend its service life.

It was delivered to Uni-Arabs workshops, having been abrasive blast cleaned by the contractor, where a full inspection was completed. The surface profile was found to be in line with the requirements of the specification measuring 65µm and salt tests revealed contamination levels of 0.5mg/cm2.
Having passed the inspection, coating work was started immediately in order to achieve the client’s tight deadline. Polyglass VEF and VEHA were applied at a DFT of 1500μm to provide comprehensive protection against seawater corrosion. A series of QA tests were conducted after curing including spark tests and no pinholes were found in the completed coating surface.
The completed unit was then prepared for onward transportation to the client for installation offshore.