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We are pleased to announce the launch of an aerosol-delivered, high performance surface tolerant coating system.

Supplied in convenient, easy-to-use, single pack 400ml aerosols, application is as simple as breaking the internal seal, shaking the contents and you’re ready to go. There is no need for scales, mixing containers, mixers, cleaning solvents, brushes or spray equipment.

“Mix and go” – it’s that easy…

Based on our proven Plasmet ZF materials, this new aerosol application technology contains a high performance glassflake and MIO filled two-pack epoxy, with both passivating and rust conversion properties.

With a useable life of many hours and free, easy to change additional nozzles with each kit, the Plasmet ZF aerosol offers a tough durable coating ideally suited for small areas of coating damage, rust spotting, small areas of corrosion damage, repairs where a coating has been removed for inspection and many more.

Plasmet ZF aerosol – substrate protection and coating maintenance and repairs… made easy.