Corrocoat USA to Speak at PortCon Conference

May 3, 2021 | Marine | 0 comments

Corrocoat USA has been selected to speak at the PortCon Conference being held by JaxPort this week. The purpose of this virtual conference is to enhance the value of seaports and marine transportation to society. Corrocoat USA will be speaking this Wednesday, May 5th from 4:00 – 4:30 PM.

You can attend for FREE as a guest of Corrocoat USA by registering under the ‘preferred partner’ category at and noting in the comments that you are a guest of Corrocoat USA.

Our Session Details: Maintaining Integrity: Meeting and Exceeding The Design Life of Cranes

The competitiveness of the port industry and year to year budget cycle leads to poor short term decisions regarding cranes over their 20+ year lifecycle. Year to year planning and awarding work to the lowest bidder rarely work when managing a 20+ year multimillion dollar asset. The expense of coating inspection and maintenance only increases with deferment, yet many operations defer these expenses due to yearly budgetary constraints. When funding is available, these important services are often awarded to the lowest bidder, or done poorly inhouse, reducing or eliminating their financial benefits entirely.

Attendants will receive an introduction to corrosion pertaining to cranes in port operations and the properties and application process of an appropriate paint system for the typical coastal environment.  Non-destructive testing equipment will be covered, along with the benefits of remote inspection via drones, including a demo of reading being taken 100’ above grade using a remote controlled drone. The information shared will arm those involved in asset management with the knowledge required to get the best return on inspection and coating investments and avoid loss of service life due to corrosion.

Find out more and register to attend  here.