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Alhuda Corrosion Treatment in Qatar was asked by Nakilat Svitzer Wijsmuller (NSW) to recommend a long-term corrosion protection system for two new 1.5m long propeller shafts. The shafts would be working in a harsh marine environment, so were made from super duplex stainless steel, but NSW wanted even better protection from the start.

Alhuda recommended protecting and reinforcing the propeller shafts with multiaxial fibre glass cloth wetted out with L200 lamination resin, followed by coating with Corroglass 200 – all work to be completed on-site at the NSW workshop in N-Kom shipyard.

6mm was machined off the diameter of the shafts before they were abrasive blast cleaned to provide a surface profile of 50μm. After laminating, coats of Corroglass 202, 232 and finally 252 top coat were applied. To complete the project the shafts were post machined to the required diameter of 105mm and tested.

The work was successfully completed and the fully protected shafts were returned, ready for installation and service in an aggressive environment.