Refurbishment and Corrosion Protection of a Cast Iron Condensate Pump Casing

Jul 17, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Corrocoat’s Belarusian partner (Corrocoat AKZ) was recently commissioned to complete the refurbishment and corrosion protection of a cast iron condensate pump casing at a power station. the pump had been in operation for circa 10 years; pumping water at a temperature of 20-60°C with thermal spikes up to 70°C. on inspection it was found that the pump casing’s internal surface had suffered from cavitation and erosion wear. the depth of corrosion pits was in the range of
10-15 mm and the whole casing surface needed to be restored to original condition.

The client required a coating with excellent erosion and cavitation resistance and AKZ proposed the following, which was accepted. The internal surface of the pump casing was abrasive blast cleaned to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2½, after which Corrocoat EA was applied as a filler in the deep pockets of the eroded areas. This was followed by a top coat of Corrocoat EB at a minimum DFT of 2000µm.

As a result of the refurbishment and relining, the pump casing was restored to the required thickness and the applied coating system will provide resistance to the effects of cavitation for a long period. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the work and with the savings achieved when compared to the cost of replacement.