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Our partner, Vietnam glocoating Engineering (VgCE), has recently completed the refurbishment of a number of absorber circulation pumps and impellers for the Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corp., a large manufacturer of organic fertilizer and feed additives.

After conducting an on-site assessment survey and talking all necessary measurements, the pumps and impellers were transported to the VGCE workshop, where they were dismantled and cleaned to remove any contaminants.

The flanges were rebated to protect against crevice corrosion and the flanges and shafts protected before being abrasive blast cleaned. Corrofill E was used to build up the vanes of the impellers after which laminating resin and multi directional glass fibre matting was used to add improved strength to the blades. Plasmet HTE was applied at 3000μm dft, before a final coat of Plasmet EP1 completed the refurbishment work.

Plasmet WR was used to bring the back plate & suction housing back to original size and shape and Plasmet HTE provided protection from chemical attack and abrasion. The same material was also used to provide a protectivecoating on the internals of the casing.

The pumps were rebuilt and dynamic balancing tests of the impeller completed before the pumps were returned to service.