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Corrocoat Caspian in Kazakhstan was asked to line the internal surfaces of three fuel tanks at the Pavlodar Oil Refinery. The tanks are an integral part of the refinery and required a coating system approved for use with petroleum products in immersed conditions.

In order to win the tender Corrocoat Caspian had to satisfy the customer that the coating to be used (Zip E) was suitable for use with aviation fuels and relevant test results were submitted from the Russian State Civil Aviation Institute (GOS NII GA) laboratory for TC1 fuel as well as from the Intertek Laboratory regarding Jet A fuel to attest to the coatings suitability.

Zip E provides cost effective, durable protection in aggressive atmospheric conditions and Immersed environments and was the perfect choice of coating system to complete the job.

Summer in Pavlodar can be very short; cold weather in September can be expected. With this time constraint the work had to be carried out when ambient temperatures would be suitable for application and curing. In total a surface area of 14,130m2 was coated to a dry film thickness of 500-700μm.

As a further test of the integrity of the coating, 21 days after the tanks has been re-filled with fuel, samples had to be resent to the Russian State Civil Aviation Institute to attest that the coating had not tainted the fuel and affected its quality.

The results were positive and Zip E was shown to have no effect on the stored aviation fuel. The project was completed in good time before the onset of cold weather and to the satisfaction of the customer.